Updating datagrid in asp net who is ludacris dating now

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The application is set up using the layers pattern.

The UI layer which is the code you see here takes the values from the controls, and passes it back to a controller object, which is shown here as course Manager.

The Data Grid is not set up to a data source, or a data adapter, so everytime I make a change I send the cell information to another object which forms an SQL query and makes the query to the DB (actually to a DBFacade object). Data Grid Command Event Args e) Jon Agiato Hi Ian, and thanks for the reply.

Supporting editing and UPDATEs is a bit more complicated.With this code, the DB is updated using the old data in the datagrid prior to the users changes, why is this and how can I take the new data out of the grid after the user makes changes? private void courses Data Grid_Update Command(object source, System. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.Is that data that you are passing into the function being stored in a datatable or is it directly updating your database layer?If that is within a datatable, be sure that you are accepting changes before going forward to your data layer.

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However, if you want to implement Optimistic Concurrency, you will need to persist the Data Set in the View State or Session. The Data Grid will use these properties to register the button event handlers: " Height="270px" Width="679px" On Update Command="Data Grid1_Update" On Cancel Command="Data Grid1_Cancel" On Edit Command="Data Grid1_Edit" On Delete Command="Data Grid1_Delete" Border Color="Blue" On Item Command="Item_Click" Allow Sorting="True" On Sort Command="Data Grid1_Sort" Allow Paging="True" On Page Index Changed="Data Grid1_Page" Back Color="#C0FFFF" Using the Design view, you can add a "Edit", "Update" and "Cancel" button to the Data Grid by right clicking on the Data Grid and choosing the property builder.